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Atem Sdi Pro Iso Live Production Switcher, W/ Hdmi, Usb-C Cables

Atem Sdi Pro Iso Live Production Switcher, W/ Hdmi, Usb-C Cables

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This Model Includes The Features Of Atem Sdi Plus It Adds Built In Streaming And Recording To 5 Video Streams In Real Time! Thats A Clean Feed Of All Inputs For Multi-Cam Editing! A Da - Vinci Resolve Project Is Saved So You Can Open Your Live Production To Edit, Remix Audio And Add Color Correction! Introducing Ultra Portable Live Production With Advanced Broadcast Features - Atem Sdi Is A Family Of Live Production Switchers Designed For Broadcasters Who Need Extreme Portability! Atem Sdi Switchers Are Very Similar To Atem Mini, However The Video Connections Are 3g-Sdi And Each Model Has Double The Number Of Video Outputs! You Get 4 Sdi Inputs On The Atem Sdi And Atem Sdi Pro Iso Models And 8 Sdi Inputs On The Atem Sdi Extreme Iso Model. Plus All Sdi Inputs Feature Standards Converters And Re-Sync! You Even Get Dves For Picture In Picture Effects! The Usb Works As A Webcam For Connecting Video To Computers, While The Pro And Extreme Models Feature Built In Streaming. For Audio The Fairlight Mixer Includes A Compressor, Limiter And 6 Band Parametric Eq On Each Input! A New Generation Of Ultra Portable Live Production! Atem Sdi Gives You The Portable Design Of Atem Mini, But Its Sdi Connections Means You Can Connect Advanced Broadcast Quality Cameras And Recorders. This Opens Up A Whole New World Of Ultra Portable Live Production. The Incredibly Portable Design Means You Can Fit A Whole Broadcast Quality Live Production System In A Small Bag Or Even A Backpack! You Can Use Multiple Cameras On Location And Live Stream Direct To You - Tube, Or Create A Broadcast Quality Link Back To A Studio With Atem Streaming Bridge. Unlike Single Camera Remote Shoots, Atem Sdi Lets You Connect Multiple Cameras So You Can Create Interesting Remote Interviews With Multiple Camera Angles. Self Contained Broadcast Quality Switcher - Atem Sdis Compact All In One Design Includes Both A Control Panel As Well As Connections. The Front Panel Includes Easy To Use Buttons For Selecting Sources, Video Effects And Transitions. The Source Buttons Are Large So Its Possible To Use It By Feel, Letting The Presenter Do The Switching! You Even Get Buttons For Audio Mixing! The Atem Sdi Pro And Extreme Models Have Buttons For Recording And Streaming Control, As Well As Output Selection Buttons That Let You Change The Video Output Between Program, Direct Camera Feeds And The Multiview. On The Rear Panel There Are Sdi Connections For Cameras, Extra Microphone Inputs, Usb For Webcam Plus Multiple Sdi Aux Outputs For Program Video. Easy To Use And Fast To Learn! Theres Never Been A Switcher Thats Easier To Use, As You Simply Press Any Of The Input Buttons Labelled By Number On The Front Panel To Cut Between Video Sources. You Can Choose Between Cut Or Effects Transitions By Selecting The Cut Or Auto Buttons. Unlike Cut, The Auto Button Tells Atem Sdi To Use A Video Effect When Switching Inputs. You Can Select From Exciting Transitions Such As Dissolve, Or More Dramatic Effects Such As Dip To Color, Dve Squeeze And Dve Push. Add A Dve Effect For Picture In Picture Effects With Customized Picture Positions And Background. There Are Even Media Players Which Are A Still Store For Titles And Graphics That You Can Load Via External Software Control. Connect Up To 8 Broadcast Cameras - With 4 Or 8 Video Inputs, Depending On The Model, Atem Sdi Lets You Connect Multiple Cameras For Different Views Of The Performance. Video Cameras With Sdi Outputs Such As Blackmagic Studio Camera Or Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast G2 Are Much Better Quality As They Have Better Low Light Performance And They Use Professional Lenses. All Video Sources Will Re-Sync To The Switcher, Even If They Operate At Different Video Standards. Everything Just Works So Setup On Location Is Easy And You Dont Have To Worry About Technical Problems. Imagine Taking Advantage Of The Creative Freedom Of Multi Camera Live Production For Interviews, Advertorials, Theater Production, Music Performances, Sports And More! Outputs Webcam For Video Software! To Ensure Maximum Compatibility, All Atem Sdi Models Feature Usb That Operates As A Simple Webcam Source. That Means You Can Plug Into A Computer And Get Working With Any Video Software! The Software Is Tricked Into Thinking The Atem Sdi Is A Common Webcam, But Its Really A Live Production Switcher. That Guarantees Full Compatibility With Any Video Software And In Full Resolution 1080hd Quality. Choose Any Software You Like, Such As Zoom, Microsoft Teams Or Skype For A New Way To Do Presentations With A Professional Multi Camera Broadcast Quality Style! The Atem Sdi Webcam Output Also Works With Streaming Software Such As Open Broadcaster, Xsplit Broadcaster And More! Live Stream Via Ethernet On Atem Sdi Pro - Atem Sdi Pro And Atem Sdi Extreme Models Have A Built In Hardware Streaming Engine For Live Streaming Via Their Ethernet Connections. That Means You Can Live Stream To You - Tube, Facebook And Twitch In Better Quality, Without Dropped Frames And With Simpler

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