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Bird - Wagtail

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Bird type: Wagtail - life-sized

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Product Information

The genus Motacilla was introduced by the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus in 1758 in the tenth edition of his Systema Naturae. The type species is the white wagtail. Motacilla is the Latin name for the pied wagtail; although actually a diminutive of motare, "to move about", from medieval times it led to the misunderstanding of cilla as "tail".

At first glance, the wagtails appear to be divided into a yellow-bellied group and a white-bellied one, or one where the upper head is black and another where it is usually grey, but may be olive, yellow, or other colours. However, these are not evolutionary lineages; change of belly colour and increase of melanin have occurred independently several times in the wagtails, and the colour patterns which actually indicate relationships are more subtle.

Individual bird silhouettes (blackbirds, sparrows and more) in different sizes and scales for indoor and outside. Made from steel. Some available in more than one size - see each bird for more information.

Size: Wagtail = 162mm long

All our birds are designed to fix to fences, posts and walls unless otherwise indicated. Important note: we advise against hammering any metal design into a living tree. Use of nails or screws also puts a living tree at risk of disease and damage over time.

      Material: Unless otherwise specified all are zinc-coated mild steel, powder coated in Dark Grey for indoor and outdoor use.

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