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Re20 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone With Variable-D Black

Re20 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone With Variable-D Black

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The Re20 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Is Truly An Industry Standard, A Firm Favorite For Broadcasting, Podcasting, And Sound Engineering Worldwide. Its Popularity Also Extends Into Music Production As A Premium-Grade Instrument Microphone. Its Variable-D Design And Heavy-Duty Internal Pop Filter Excel For Close-In Voice Work, While An Internal Element Shock Mount Reduces Vibration-Induced Noise. Classic Sound The Re20 Microphone Can Produce The Classic Sound Of Fm Radio Voices. It Can Give Out A Smooth, Natural, And Controlled Sonic Character. The Microphone Features A Variable-D Design For Minimal Proximity Effect. It Has A True Cardioid With No Coloration At 180 Degrees Off-Axis. Next Is A Voice-Tailored Frequency Response And The Ability To Give Out Studio Condenser-Like Performances. There Is A Large Diaphragm Dynamic Element Contained In The Microphone. Inside, There Are Humbucking Coil Guards Against The Line Hum. It Also Includes A Mid-Bass Tone-Shaping Switch. The Re20 Is Available In An Elegant, Low-Reflection Dark Charcoal Finish.

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