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Key Hooks - Dragonfly on reeds

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Design: Dragonfly

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Product Information

Dragonflies are represented in human culture on artefacts such as pottery, rock paintings, statues, and Art Nouveau jewellery. They are used in traditional medicine in Japan and China, and caught for food in Indonesia. They are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness in Japan, but seen as sinister in European folklore. Their bright colours and agile flight are admired in the poetry of Lord Tennyson and the prose of H. E. Bates.

Above a print from our River book showing Kath Fotheringham's beautiful dragonfly. Words by Tony Davis. Here's a haiku of his (after Basho).

emerald pepper pod
now two pairs of wings, and look!
darting dragonfly

Part of a range of different key hook designs. Each comes with two holes for fixings to a wall. Screws not supplied.

All dimensions approximate. Illustrations for guidance on main design only. Actual hooks vary in length when bent by hand. Please also note that sometimes the design goes from left to right and vice versa - as we do all this in our studio and we like mixing it up!

148 x 117 x 0.9 mm

Material: Zinc-coated mild steel, powder coated

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