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Dj Djm-A9 4-Channel Professional Dj Mixer With Plx-Crss12 Hybrid Turntables & Flight Cases Package

Dj Djm-A9 4-Channel Professional Dj Mixer With Plx-Crss12 Hybrid Turntables & Flight Cases Package

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The Djm-A9 Raises The Bar For Club Standard, Professional Mixers With Stunningly Clear Sound Quality, Enhanced Playability And Connectivity, And A Host Of New Features To Take Performances To The Next Level. Offering Multiple Advancements Over Its Predecessor, The Dj Djm-900nxs2, The New Djm-A9 Mixer Produces A Higher Level Of Natural-Sounding Audio. By Including An Ess Technology 32-Bit High-Quality Analog-To-Digital (A/D) And Digital-To-Analog (D/A) Converters Into The Channel Input Section And The Master And Booth Output Sections, The Djm-A9 Disperses Clear Sound To The Booth And Dance Floor. The Djm-A9s New Layout Design Makes It More Instinctive And Comfortable To Play. Spacing Was Added Around The Eq Knobs. The Channel Faders And The Magvel Fader Crossfader Are Slicker Than Those On The Djm-900nxs2, To Enable Performers To Mix And Scratch More Efficiently. And The Sound Color Fx Include The Worlds First Center Lock Feature, To Ensure Artists Dont Accidentally Cross Over Between The Hi/Low Parameters. Beat Fx Are More Instinctive To Use On The Djm-A9 Thanks To The New Color Display And Revamped X-Pad, Which Is Now Arranged Horizontally For Simple, Sideways Finger Sliding. The Beat Fx Channel Selector Is Now A Dedicated Button, Enabling Quicker Effect Routing, And The Multi I/O Section Has Been Upgraded To Offer True Send Capabilities. In Total, There Are 14 Beat Fx To Play With, Including 3 New Ones. Through Fine-Tuning And Improved Construction With Carefully Selected Components, The Microphone Section Of The Djm-A9 Brings New Possibilities When Streaming Or Mcing. Artists Can Connect A Condenser Mic Directly To The Djm-A9 For The Best Possible Vocal Sound Quality Thanks To The Phantom Power Supply To The Mic Input, Which Is An Industry-First Feature On A Dj Mixer. To Dynamically Change The Sound Of The Artists Voice, There Are 3 Different Mic Effects Plus A Dedicated Reverb To Play With. Changing Djs Or Playing Back-To-Back Is A Breeze On The Djm-A9 Thanks To The Dual Sets Of Usb Type-B And Type-C Ports, Which Enable Artists To Connect Two Pcs/Macs Running Either Rekordbox Or Serato Dj Pro. And The Mixers Expanded Connectivity Opens Up New Possibilities For Artists Performances. If An Artist Wants To Play Tracks From A Mobile Device, Bluetooth/Md Input Makes It Easy On The Djm-A9. The Audio Can Be Routed To Any Channel, And An Artist Can Use All The Mixers Effects To Change The Sound. Dj Djm-A9 4-Channel Professional Dj Mixer Features: Clear Sound Quality. Equipped With An Ess Technology 32-Bit High-Quality A/D Converter While The Master And Booth Output Sections Employ 32-Bit High-Quality D/A Converters. Evolved Playability. Slicker Channel Faders Than The Djm-900nxs2. Third-Generation Magvel Fader Crossfader. Artists Can Produce Silky-Smooth Mixing And Rapid, Stable Scratching. Adds Increased Spacing Around The Eq Knobs And Bright Leds In The Channel Section For An Easier Visual Grasp On Sound Levels. Sound Color Fx. Industry-First Center Lock Feature For Sound Color Fx. Each Knob Will Stop Turning Once The Knob Has Reached The Center Position. Advanced Beat Fx. A New Color Display Helps Artists To Quickly And Accurately Understand The Status Of The Selected Effect. Features Lighting That Corresponds With The X-Pads Horizontal Arrangement. Enabling More Intuitive Control With A Simple Finger Slide. Artists Can Use The X-Pad To Change The Echo And Ping Pong Effects To Create A Unique Analog Tape-Style Sound. Within The 14 Total Beat Fx Are 3 New Ones You Can Use To Add Extra Variation To Your Performances. Mobius: Changes The Frequency Of The Oscillator To Constantly Rise Or Fall In Time With The Beat. Triplet Filter: Changes The Cut-Off Frequency Cyclically For The Filter According To The Beat (Based On 3 Beats). Triplet Roll: Outputs The Recorded Sound Repeatedly According To The Specified Beat Fraction (Based On 3 Beats). Enhanced Microphone Section Provides More Control And Adds Extra Creativity For Djs. The Phantom-Powered Input Means Artists Can Connect A High-Quality Condenser Mic Directly To The Djm-A9. There Are Also 3 New Microphone Effects, With A Dedicated Reverb Effect. Echo: Outputs A Delayed Sound Several Times While Attenuating It To Add An Echo Effect. Pitch: Changes The Pitch Of The Microphone Sound. Megaphone: Changes The Microp

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