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R-10 Ribbon Microphone With Dbooster Bundle

R-10 Ribbon Microphone With Dbooster Bundle

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The Royer R-10 & Dbooster Bundle Gives You Everything You Need To Get The Best Results Out Of You R-10 Ribbon Microphone - All In A Convenient Package With Included Custom Carry Case! This Is A Limited Time Bundle And Once Sold Out It Will Be Gone! The Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone Is A Fantastic Compact Ribbon Microphone Ideal For The Studio Or Live Recording Applications Where A Low Profile Microphone Design Is Needed. Designed By So You Know Its Good! If You Are Recording Guitars, Brass Instruments Or Drums Then The Royer R-10 Is The Perfect Microphone For You! It Features A Figure-8 Pattern Ideal When Used As A Room Microphone. The Smooth Frequency Response And Low Self-Distortion Make The Royer R-10 Ideal For Digital Studio Recordings. The Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphones Offset-Ribbon Design Offers Higher Spl Handling From The Front Side Of The Microphone While Offering A Brighter Response, On Lower Spl, Sources, From The Back. This Makes The R-10 A Very Versatile Microphone That Can Be Used In Many Different Applications. The Royer Dbooster In-Line Signal Booster Boosts The Level Of Non-Powered Ribbon Or Dynamic Microphones By 12 Db Or 20 Db With Virtually No Noise Or Distortion. The 12 Db And 20 Db Gain Settings Allow You To Better Control The Levels Hitting Your Preamp Or Daw Interface. The 20 Db Setting Gives Loads Of Clean Boost For Recording Soft Instruments And Singers, But When Your Singer Is Wailing Or You Use The Dbooster On High Volume Instruments Like Electric Guitar, Switch It Down To 12 Db To Keep From Overloading Your Preamp Or Digital Interface.

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