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Bird - Swallow - with poetry - Hope is the thing with feathers - Emily Dickinson

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Bird type: Swallow with Poetry - Medium

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Product Information

This Swallow design doesn't have a hole for fixing as it is designed to have a hidden fixing to a wall or fence using a strong magnet (supplied). They can be rotated and positioned to simulate their amazing flight.

It features some line from Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope is the thing with feathers" written in 1862. Full of figurative language, this poem is an extended metaphor, transforming hope into a bird (the poet loved birds) that is ever present in the human soul. It sings, especially when times get tough. Hope springs eternal, might be a reasonable summing up.

The swallows, martins, and saw-wings, or Hirundinidae, are a family of passerine birds found around the world on all continents, including occasionally in Antarctica. Highly adapted to aerial feeding, they have a distinctive appearance. The term "swallow" is used colloquially in Europe as a synonym for the barn swallow. Because of the long human experience with these conspicuous species, many myths and legends have arisen as a consequence, particularly relating to the barn swallow. Roman historian Pliny the Elder described a use of painted swallows to deliver a report of the winning horses at a race. According to a sailing superstition, swallows are a good omen to those at sea. The collective noun or venery for swallows is flight or sweep.

Individual bird silhouettes (blackbirds, sparrows and more) in different sizes and scales for indoor and outside. Made from steel. Some available in more than one size - see each bird for more information. 

    Material: Unless otherwise specified all are zinc-coated mild steel, powder coated in Dark Grey for indoor and outdoor use. 

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